Lets Build an Adventure – Necropolis pt2

Lets storm into part 2 of our series Lets Build an Adventure, creating a 5th Edition D&D adventure we’re tentatively calling Necropolis.
And in todays post, we’ll begin making a few notes on the world at large, and the Outer City, a city that remains as yet unnamed.

If you haven’t read Part One of the series, click here.

To start this topic, we need to consider what is it that our city would need, so we shall start at the top and work our way down.
The one thing you will find lacking below is names, I find naming places and people to be an irksome affair and do not rush it.
Don’t be surprised if you come back to this page to find it fleshed out with individual details for names and peoples.


  • The Mayor
  • Generally the Mayor was intended to be a symbolic title, handed down to the eldest of the descendants of the old ruling house from the Necropolis days, or the closest anyone can determine.
    The idea of having a Mayor is to ensure there is a respectful link to what the Outer City protects, but of course as with all politics good intentions are lost and become bogged down with paperwork and red tape.

  • The Political Structure
  • The political structure of the Outer City consists of the Mayor, and a council made up of three members of each Guild, the head of the Guard and a member of Civilian Oversight.
    This combined group was designed to ensure no one group would put its own interests above the rest of the Cities, but in reality the system ensured that no agreements would be made and eventually alliances between the individual Guilds and groups formed.

  • The Guard
  • The Guard in Outer City was once primarily made up of Paladins, it being considered a pilgrimage of sorts for Paladins of all churches to come and serve in Outer City and guard the line against the Necropolis, but over the centuries as the dead inside the city remained peaceful, less Paladins came to Outer City to stand Guard.
    In time, only the highest ranking Guard were Paladins, with the rest of their number being filled with civilians, soldiers and the odd retired adventurer.
    The Guard are made up of 150 soldiers, and 25 veterans with one level in Paladin.

  • The Population
  • The population of Outer City is primarily human with a small contingent of Dwarf, Elf and some of the more Exotic Races, you will even find representatives of those considered Monstrous as what ever curse is afflicting the population affects some (but not all) of the monsters too.
    The city numbers about 2000 at the last count, with about 200 of that being transitory visitors who have come to trade, or entomb a loved one in the Necropolis.


  • The Cryptkeepers Guild
  • The Cryptkeepers started out as a monastic order of Clerics of various faiths, who came together to create a non-denominational organisation focused on the internment of the dead.
    Through out the centuries the Guild became less focused on strict adherence to the religious ceremonies, focusing more on providing counselling and relief to those delivering their dead.

  • The Graverobbers Guild
  • Life as a Graverobber doesn’t last long, either you retire rich or you never come out of the Necropolis, but what are you to do when the rich intern their loved ones in full regalia of gold and finery?
    Having found their ways in to the Necropolis, the Graverobbers operate under two rules, 1) Do not steal from the recently interned, and 2) protect their tunnels.
    As long as they keep to these two rules, the government and Guards turn a blind eye to any theft that goes on within the wall, the “dead” don’t need to keep their trinkets after all.
    But life as a Graverobber is filled with risks as the number of hungry dead within the city can easily outstrip a thief of their most prized possession, life.

  • The Assassins Guild
  • Little more than a symbolic office for the Guild at large, the assassins only keep a presence in the Outer City in order to make a quick end for any contract that wanders too close.

  • The Adventurers Guild
  • What city would be complete without adventurers for hire?
    Like all big cities, Adventurers make their way to the Outer City in the hopes of becoming Legends, or of becoming rich.
    What they find however, is more often than not busy work, taking fresh citizens of the Necropolis that last mile to their eternal home, collecting and transporting those without families and hunting down any wandering dead that are reported in the wild.

  • The Merchants Guild
  • Where there is a need, a Merchant provides, right? And so what good would any city be without a Guild of Merchants?
    For those who need a last minute icon for their loved ones, for those who need a few more supplies before going into the city, or those making the long trek away from Outer City, there is a merchant for you! You just need to find them.

  • Civilian Oversight
  • Civilian Oversight is a volunteer organisation designed to ensure that the regular population of Outer City remain aware and represented of the inner workings of government, but as in all things those who are drawn to volunteer for such a committee are those who are inclined to use power for their own purposes.
    And in the greatest of constitutional errors, there is nothing stopping a Guild Member from volunteering as a member of Civilian Oversight, allowing the Guilds to stack odds in their favour.


  • Inns:
    • The Last Rest – A Well to do tavern
    • The Last Rest is your typical tavern, built close towards the main road into Outer City the tavern has seen most of the Cities visitors stop in, some for a drink and some for a place to stay.
      A much more reputable location than others in the city, the Rest is the place for Adventurers to get updated contracts or hold meetings with the Guilds.

    • The Crypt – A wretched hive of scum and villainy
    • Okay, maybe The Crypt isn’t that bad, but if you want to sneak into the Necropolis, or need to reclaim something you “lost” over the wall, The Crypt is where you want to go.
      Made up primarily of Rogue’s corners and shadows, the drinks are cheap and the food is usually leftovers, but it isn’t the sort of location you go to for the menu.

  • Blacksmith
  • What do you do for iron and steel, when your trade routes are not the most regular, and you’re a little far away from the Dwarven mines?
    Well, simply hire Graverobbers to go grab you some ancient metal out of the Necropolis, come to think of it this may very well be part of why the long dead city has fallen deeper into disrepair.
    Lost your weapon and need a replacement, or wanting to buy that loved one a new armour, of course the Blacksmith has you covered.

  • Supplies
  • You need supplies, they’ve got them, so why won’t you go shopping?
    If you need potions for healing? That’s the remit of the Clerics.
    If you want new weapons? Blacksmith.
    But for everything else there’s the Supplies Store.


  • Cleric
  • In Outer City, you can find Clerics through out, from many of the assorted Temples, to the number of the Cryptkeepers and even some of the Graverobbers.
    Their services are often found for sale, whether covering the sale of healing potions, or direct healing.

  • Information
  • Need to get out

  • Transportation
  • Need to get out of the Outer City? Need to get something brought in to the City? The Transportation services are there for you!
    Prices may not be cheap but the service is the only one of its kind in the region

  • Shrines:
    • Shrine of Tymora
    • There is a temple dedicated to the goddess Tymora, run by a halfling priestess that may have something to ask of any adventurers who might be looking for work.

    • Variable Shrines
    • Now, of course this shouldn’t need to be said but if you’ve any Paladins or Clerics in the party, you should ensure one of the noted temples on the map (oh, gonna plan a map) will be in service to their diety.

Want to know more details about any of the notes above?
Ask your questions in the comments and we can build this thing together.
This post will of course, get edited with more details for each of the entries as we go along.

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