What is this about?
Welcome to the Geekenbrau Homebrewery, a gaming and D&D focused blog, everything written here is from the general stream of consciousness blog entries I write, and from the notes about monsters, items and subclasses I have written over the years.

You will find, when it comes to the downloads, as I update them on feedback, or tweak them on experience, the main post on any download will link to the latest version, for as long as possible I will include an archive of the past files just in case you prefer an older version.
For merely graphical changes, no archive will be held, it is my intention to add art to the downloads where possible, and though I may not be able to include artwork at the initial time of publication I will update once possible, these graphical changes will not incur a version change.

Want to download the files? Do it, there’s a Ko-Fi link to support if you choose, but nothing is being pay-walled.
Want to share it with your friends? Do it, free files, just don’t remove my links in the file.
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Want to make money off of my work? Well that one is dodgier, but you can hire me to write for you.

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