Necropolis goes live!

If you haven’t been keeping up to date, back in January, I started writing a series of world building posts called Necropolis.
(You can find links to the posts below)

So this is a post that exists solely to say that a finished Necropolis file is now available, as of Thursday it is live on Dms Guild, through the image-link to the right.
As I detailed during the creation, being built publicly on Geekenbrau, I will never force a price point on this project, it will remain listed as “Pay What You Want” for it’s entire life, because if you want to support me in creating content, by all means.

Now, there are some small differences between the blog posts, a few additions and changes, with a few things cleared up to make more sense and things fleshed out that hadn’t had enough detail.
There was a small goal to try and get this project finished in plenty of time for the Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, and admittedly I am cutting it closer than I would like, but it is finished in the week preceding Van Richten’s release.

So if you are into a slice of horror, go download yourself a copy of Necropolis, and maybe drop me a review.

Necropolis Part 1
Necropolis Part 2
Necropolis Part 3
Necropolis Part 4
Necropolis Part 5

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