Humble Bundle of Note – Paint and Draw

So this post is a little different to what I post normally, rather than put something together to show what inspires me (or can be used as inspiration), I am putting in a post of a humble bundle that I feel is worth contributing to.
Not because it is an RPG heavy bundle, in fact it isn’t RPG focused at all, instead this is an Artists software bundle.
Heck it isn’t even the main part of the bundle that is important (though still good), and at the time of writing the bundle is available for another 12 days.

What we have is the Paint and Draw bundle, featuring Rebelle 3, painting software that allows you to paint both in watercolour and acrylic with realistic effect.
But included in the bundle is other software, focusing on Flame Painter, but also Amberlight and Inspirit.

Looking to make art for a spell caster, or portal? These softwares can work to your benefit.
Want to create Firebolt being cast? Amberlight has you covered.
Need an area of effect? The mandala’s created by Inspirit can help.
Want to create a portal? Flame Painter is what you need.

Of course, for my current works the latter is better, in fact I will even show you a simple preview of what is going into one of my current Planar works.

What we have here is simple, the background is a library over the top I have drawn a swirl of purple fire that radiates out onto a transparent background, creating the effect of looking through a portal.

The cover image for the Planar Options book uses a very similar visual, but not made by myself.
This visual can be used to give you something similar to the portal scene in Avengers: End Game, and for relatively cheap.

I am not posting this as an affiliate link (I do not have affiliate links for anywhere) but solely because I think if you are working on something plane or featuring portals, this can be invaluable to create easy original planar art.
And later today, I will see about making an arm or object popping out of a portal, I’ll update this post with that art.

A picture of an arm, popping out of a green magical portal, with a blue forest on the other side, the hand is casting a fireball

But for now, any humble bundles or even kickstarters that are TTRPG-y and I support, will get thrown up here (no doubt outside of the usual Sunday release cycle) to share the love.

(protip: Only ever use art in your books if it has a creative commons license that allows commercial works, and even if it doesn’t require attribution, throw in those details anyhow)

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