Sunday Update

This update is a little different firstly I am going to link you to a twitter thread I posted yesterday, this thread is a direct follow up to a mid-week post I wrote
For those who don’t want to read a few drunken tweets, Strixhaven’s book title has dropped 4 days after the UA came out, making what initially felt like a cheap ploy, feel even more like a cheap ploy.
There’s about 8 tweets in the thread, so not exactly a long read.

Next, a more personal update.
This weekend my first big release reached 200 downloads, I never imagined I could get 200 people interested in downloading a thing I have written.
If you haven’t seen it? Necropolis is available for free here.

Third and final point of updating, several weeks ago now, I wrote a good deal on the Planes, pretty much a basic ruleset for Planar Adventures.
It was originally written as an update for here, but the entire thing ended up being so big that I didn’t publish it, instead it’s been revised, polish and will soon go to editing, where the Planar Primer will become my next big “Pay What You Want” release.
But it doesn’t stop there, at the same time I will be releasing a book of Character Options, closely followed by an adventure.
The scale of this is far larger than Necropolis, and the multiple books are all being designed to work together to allow a DM to either build a basic Planar adventure of their own, or just run my pre-written plane hopping adventure.

There’s also in the works 2 more adventures that can be used as either a launching point for a Planar campaign, or just for the hell of it.
The first of these adventures takes place in Dougan’s Hole in Icewind Dale, based upon modifications I made to the location during my weekly Rime of the Frostmaiden game.
The second, is set in the Goblin kingdom of Nachtur, which I don’t want to ruin but it is going to be a different kind of adventure.

So as you can see, there is a lot going on behind the scenes and there are some very exciting plans afoot.

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