Planar Lineage

The idea of the Planar Lineage is to adapt your player race.
So how this works, you take any standard Character Race, and instead of the standard attributes you can include these and create a Planar variation on the race.
Of course, if you and your DM decide to mix the Planar Lineage with the Core Racial features, that can work too.

At 1st level, you choose which of the games amazing races your character begins as.
Alternatively, you can choose one of the following lineages. If you choose a lineage, you might have once been a core member of another race, but you aren’t any longer. You now possess only your lineage’s racial traits.
When you create a character using a lineage option here, follow these additional rules during character creation.

Ability Score Increases
When determining your ability scores, you increase one of your abilities by 2 and increase a different score by 1, or three different scores by 1.
You cannot raise any attribute above 20. and must follow this rule regardless of the method of stat determination you use.
This ASI increase replaces the generic ASI you get from the core race

Your character can speak, read and write Common, and one other language (with DM’s agreement), consider that this language would most likely be native to your Race, or to the Plane you call home.
Your DM is free to remove languages from the list of potential languages in the PHB, as they fit (or don’t fit) with their campaign.

Planar Ancestors – When you replace your race with this lineage, you retain the following racial elements:
Creature type – You remain the same type of creature
Size – Your character size is the same as before.
Speed – Your Walking, flying or swim speeds remain the same.

Planar Nature – You can use any of the following features a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus, and regain the uses when you finish a long rest.
Plane Hopping – You have experience travelling between the planes. You have advantage on rolls against forced planar travel, such as banishment
Planar Retreat – Your time travelling through the planes has imbued you with the ability to briefly step between the plans, utilising misty step without expending a spell slot.
Psychic Defence – Visiting some of the harsher planes has imbued you with a natural defence against Psychic Attacks. When a creature dealing psychic damage rolls a critical roll against you, as a reaction you can treat the damage as if it was not a critical hit.

Knowledge of the Planes – You have extraordinary experience of the planes.
When you make an ability check concerning knowledge of the planes, you can roll a d4 immediately after rolling your ability check (but before the the DM gives you the result) and add the d4’s result to the check.

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