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I know lately I have been alternating a piece of writing, and a piece of content (I am loving the work on character classes) but this week I don’t have the prep for it.
And there’s a good reason why, or at least I consider it a good reason.

My Rime of the Frostmaiden game continued this week, my players finally found their way to Dougan’s Hole, which led to something I had started building up towards about 3 or 4 sessions in (months ago now).
Essentially, once my players got to Good Mead I started laying groundwork for visiting some of the other towns nearby, one of the options was of course, Dougan’s Hole.
But I didn’t like the plot for Dougan’s Hole in the book, it just felt half-arsed if I am honest, RotFM is meant to be saturated in horror and here we’re given a town which is described as insular, with indications of inbreeding, but it doesn’t play upon this.

So I decided to knock things up a notch, rather than going with the written plot I started making notes on “What would a town do if it were desperate enough”.
My initial notes focused on the tale of the Wendigo, of people cursed for eating flesh (this came across in my in-game notes, as the monsters were labelled Wendigo and Wendigling) but I decided to mix it up with a little Lovecraft.

In Shadow over Innsmouth, the population of a small fishing town begin breeding with deep ones, fish-like beings, in order to ensure their survival.
I took a few cues from this, making the population of Dougan’s Hole make a deal with an Abyssal Demon, in order to ensure they survived the eternal winter.
So instead of just looking a little bit off, they have fur over their skins, wider mouths and clawed hands.

Now, the important thing and why I haven’t had time to write something more substantial, is because I am taking my notes for Dougan’s Hole and writing them up to release as an actual one shot adventure.
My plan is to get this out over this week, but I cannot rush it to maintain a Sunday release.
This release will come with the groundwork for a horror based adventure anyone can run, as well as four Demonic beings, ranging from “almost human” through to the grotesque, and even the big bad Demon behind everything.

Just hold on a couple more days.

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