The Goblin Bloodblade

And now we are what, the third post of the 4E project, inspired by the Goblins of 4th Edition, this time we’ve taken inspiration from the Goblin BlackBlade.

This is one of those instances where the Goblin source isn’t too dissimilar to what we’ve had before, so the real flavour is in how I see the fight playing out.
BloodBlades are significantly stronger than Blades, but the original source had only potentially more damage (a flat 4, versus 1d6+2) and a Sneaky reposition (as covered in the BloodBlade’s Quick Move action), so the big difference to me is the confidence in battle, with Blade’s barely promoted and wanting to show off what little authority they have over other Goblins, the BloodBlade thinks itself actually comparable to an adventurer and is loathe to run away as it is a sign of weakness.

BloodBlade’s are not honourable by nature, but they will defer to strength and if they are bested by an adventurer they will respect it, they will not however, betray their clan no matter how much a party might push them to.

Next, we may take a look at 4th Edition’s Sharpshooter, and see what we can do for this in 5E.

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