The Next Adventure – Planehopping

This is really a testament to how far in advance I write these Friday posts, as I do not know currently if my Necropolis Adventure has been written to a completion or not, but whether it is done and polished or not the thing that really matters right here is that I am already planning the next adventure.

At the time of writing, I have just written a review for the Infinite Staircase and ultimately I thought I would share my thoughts and plans as to extending it for a game.
As noted in my review, I felt like there was a need for supplemental content and ultimately that’s what my next Adventure Building is going to consist of.

Now this is in no way going to replace The Infinite Staircase by Oliver Darkshire, it is not intended to replace, but to work with his book.
So what I plan to do is write content that details the rule based differences between any realms you can visit, maybe even going so far as to write a one shot adventure in each plane to corrospond with the guidelines as detailed in the Infinite Staircase.

I won’t touch the Material Plane as everyone has experience, whether it’s Faerun or a homebrew world, so I will start with the Elemental Planes and then sweep around and out.
The main things I will focus on will be:

      Differences in the mechanics of the plane
      Core and common monsters

Additional content will be a small adventure.
To really make the most of these posts, you’re going to want a copy of The Infinite Staircase as otherwise these posts will be just a barebones cover of some of the planes otherwise.

The plan plot-wise, is to loosely play a spin on the 90’s pulp Sci-Fi TV series Sliders, with the players forcibly taken from their home (or homes, who says they need to be from the same place?).
Then they have to navigate various worlds to get home, if we really wanted to play on the series then creating a set of locations that would be mirrored in each of the planes would be acceptable.
Giving a “monster of the week” vibe, with the over-arching plot of getting home, will work.

So before we get too far, I will end this announcement with this.
When your party is building their characters, it is important to ensure they have a “Hearts desire”, if your players say something like “To get home” tell them it isn’t enough, a hearts desire should be the selfish thing that they couldn’t admit to anyone else, only that is an acceptable desire.
Also allow them to pick different worlds to be from, not just different planes but let someone be from Faerun, someone from Eberron, someone from Oerth, if they so wish it, you will just need to give them a different starting point in a session 0, sort of thing.

In the next Planehopping post, we’re going to roll a dice and see which of the elemental planes to start with.

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