The Goblin Hexer

Welcome to the second post in the 4E project.
As a reminder, I am trying to update some of the 4th Edition monsters to 5E, with a hope to bring some of their more tactical sides along for the ride though I shall rename them just because I don’t want WotC to take issue, I will be 100% honest about the inspiration.

Monster sheet for the Goblin Hex Thrower, inspired by the 4E Hexer
Our previous Goblin inspired by 4E was the Goblin Blade, to read that click here.
Based upon 4E’s Goblin Hexer, this one took somewhat more work trying to find a mixture of utility spells and combat ability, opting to base the monster on a Circle of Spores druid, of course if another Circle better suits your particular clan of Goblins, remove the circle spells (Chill Touch and Blindness/Deafness) and replace.

The Hex Thrower will always prioritise battlefield control, whether that’s using Entangle for ground based opponents, or Faerie Fire when there may be flight included, keeping as much distance between themselves and danger as possible.
If the fight gets close enough to endanger the Hex Thrower, they will drop their battlefield utility in a concerted effort to protect themselves, using Blindness/Deafness on the first opponent to attack them, before they attempt to flee.
If they are unable to escape, only then will the Hex Thrower resort to Flame Blade, or if their spell slots are used up they will use their wooden quarterstaff and empower it with Shillelagh.


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