Deadman’s Hand – A Horror Monster

The Deadman’s Hand, I wanted to create a curse in the form of a monster, something that can be defeated but isn’t as simple as casting remove curse, so I wrote a monster that is primarily designed to cause troubles for a character.

And so the Deadman’s Hand, an undead creature that exists solely to interrupt the occasional long rest (don’t forget that a long rest can include up to an hour of activity) or to throw in some more trouble during combat.

Story-wise, you’ll want the Hand summoned as part of a spell or punishment, maybe they’re guarding an ancient Necromancers tomb, or maybe they’re summoned to gain one last act of revenge on the party after the bad guy is killed.

In play, the Hand will avoid direct confrontation even going several days between attacks, and wait until the opportune moment to use its limited spells in any combat.

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