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How typical, the year is ending and a new project, eh? Well, this isn’t so much a new project, but an explanation of what projects I am pulling together, all into one place.

So, lets get down to business, what is this all about? Simply put, this is my D&D area.


Now you may be crying out “Silent, you’ve already written a few D&D based blog posts on the main (and never updated) site, why do this?”

And you are right, I don’t update enough over on Geekenbrau, and splitting content is rarely a good idea, but I have a plan, over on Geekenbrau I will try and do semi-regular film reviews (aiming for monthly, no judgement) and here I will do my D&D content reviews, homebrew content and such.


There will be overlap in content, admittedly I will just be riffing some of the content I have already written over on the core site, but I will be doing two entirely new D&D focused projects here.

Firstly, I will be trying to do a monthly monster which will be focused on horror tropes and themes.

Secondly, I will be aiming to start a project based on my early D&D experiences in 4th Edition.


Beyond that, this will be somewhere to do stream-of-consciousness posts about things I enjoy, and things I want in 5th Edition, as well as class ideas, and if I can manage it I’ll even but one shot adventures out here.


Do remember however, that as much as I love Dungeons and Dragons, I also love a few other games, and enjoy trying new game rulesets, so there will be posts based around these topics as well, but the majority of content will be D&D, but I will make sure everything is tagger appropriately.


So that’s it, that’s the post, that’s the plan.

I’ve been Silent, you’ve been the reader, what more do you want?




I tell you what, I will give you a sneak peak of the upcoming posts currently planned.


Firstly. I want to do a more detailed post based around this twitter thread, detailing my thoughts and love of the Dungeons and Dragons film from 2000.



Secondly. I will be releasing the first of the homebrew monsters, detailing combat tactics as well as stat blocks.


Thirdly. There will be Goblins.

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