Twitter Poll – Kobolds and Goblins

Hey guys, I am back with another update, and it’s a quick one but still.
Two days ago I started a poll on twitter that I was particularly proud of, I guess proud isn’t the right word but it’s the one I went with.

Whilst talking to one of my groups of players, the thought arose: If we have Half Elves, and Half Orcs in D&D (where the unnamed half always seems to be Human), what would it be called if there was a Half Goblin/Half Kobold?
Obviously, the names would get mashed up as is the current style, leaving us with Gobolds and Koblins, but who is the winner?
Discussing this with my players, we couldn’t come to a consensus, so I turned to twitter.

At the time of posting, there are 5 days left on the poll, so you want your say? Go vote.

Before you rush off and vote, just be aware that Will Knight did comment “Gobolds or go home.”

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